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Intricate black and gray tattoo of a mystical eye and face by Hollywood Stars Tattoo, showcasing exceptional detail.


Erik, owner and tattoo artist, in deep concentration while tattooing at Hollywood Stars Tattoo.




Erik, owner and tattoo artist, in deep concentration while tattooing at Hollywood Stars Tattoo.

Erik is the owner of Hollywood Stars Tattoo. He believes in always giving your best every level you reach.  Never compromise quality for your budget. Erik loves tattooing even after 30 plus years of doing it. 


My experience has taught me to be patient when working with everyone. I enjoy learning from clients and the journeys they've been through. I alway put in the proper amount of time and effort into every tattoo I do. I do not rush through the tattoo and I use all the proper tools along with all the right needles to get the job done correctly. I never cut corners.


 I love to read about self improvement to build my mind, body and soul as well as my business; so that I can better improve my relationships with my family, friends, myself, and our clients. I get excited when I learn and grow as an artist, a business, and a human being. The first seven years of opening the shop I didnt know much about running a business. After all these years starting back in 2004 Its one obsticle after another and never backing down.  I challenge myself  by going to tattoo seminar as well as art workshops; so my tattoos and artwork can improve year after year. I have lots of friends and mentors in this industry that I can go to for guidance if needed to help grow in my craft. I stay updated on the latest trend and fads. I can help you get the most out of your tattoo experience. 


What I believe to be great artist attributes and value; I encourage in all who work here. It is not just about the tattoos we do. It is also, and just as importantly, it’s about the experience we share with each and every guest that comes through the door. 


We are here to help clear your head of any doubts and give you peace of mind. We are highly motivated and eager to give you only the best you can possibly get. 


You Think It, We Ink It!


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Thank you

Delicate black and gray tattoo of an angel and cherub in an embrace, displaying Hollywood Stars Tattoo's finesse.

I am a resident artist at Hollywood Stars Tattoo. I've had an extensive tattoo apprenticeship under Erik Gutierrez and have 15 years of tattoo experience. I especially enjoy tattooing abstract/free flowing tattoos and trash-polka tattoos. I also am well versed in tattoo concept design. I feel each tattoo is an extension of not only myself but my client as well, I look forward to working and growing with each client that I have the opportunity and pleasure to meet.

Kana, focused and tattooing at Hollywood Stars Tattoo, with a glimpse of his dedication and skill.




Wave tattoo in Japanese style on shoulder, displaying Hollywood Stars Tattoo's precision and detail.

I have over 9 years of tattoo experience under my belt and am looking forward to many more. I taught for 5 years as a professor of perspective, design, and color theory at the Art Institute. I am the shop illustrator and your go-to guy if you need a one of a kind design drawn on the spot or drawn out for a later time for more intense designing. I am an expert in illustration composition. My specialties are fine line tattoos and freehand custom tattoo design.

“Art, a skilled illustrator and tattoo artist with Thai roots, poised with tattoo machines, ready to craft


part-time artist

part-time artist

Team photo at Hollywood Stars Tattoo: Luis, Erik, RC, and Kana exuding confidence and camaraderie.


 I have three private tattoo stations that will be rented to tattoo artists that need a space to tattoo your Los Angeles clientele. I’m opening up the shop to tattoo artists everywhere who may be in need of a nice safe environment to tattoo while staying in or around Los Angeles. We have a great convienient location withnplenty of private parking. We are looking for good people with great work. What we will also be changing will be more transparency I will be teaching younger eager artists to fish and support themselves as I have many artists before. For more information on renting a station or if you are an illustrator needing work and if you are looking to transition to tattooing please email your best 5 pieces of artwork and brief description of yourself and your art style to I will have more information for those that qualify.




Nighttime view of Hollywood Stars Tattoo shop exterior with illuminated signage and palm trees.
Small, detailed bird tattoo on a wrist, showcasing the fine work of Hollywood Stars Tattoo.
Realistic 2Pac portrait tattoo with lyrical script, exemplifying Hollywood Stars Tattoo's artistry.

guest artist



Nark Junho

With the artistic name Nark, he started in graffiti illegally, leaving his mark, especially letters.

Gradually, his work evolved and was admired, with the passage to large murals, masterpieces, that execute with technique and speed. Currently, graffiti works are almost all private and public commissions, or interventions of a social nature, which he makes willingly and whenever requested (social quarters, associations, and schools.) The interventional and social side that he likes to maintain. Currently, he mainly makes faces. His taste for the arts also includes his profession, as a conservation and restoration technician, with a post-graduate degree in interior conservation and rehabilitation, carrying out stucco works with a vast curriculum.

Nark admires artists who use traditional techniques and always tries to leave their work as it was intended for future generations, this multiples interests make him disperse. It carries out works to exhibit and sell in galleries with various supports, almost always sprayed, but it also has works made with plastics, sheets, use of cans, painting in various supports, including vehicles and planes. Tattooing is still part of his interests, he has a tattoo shop and gallery in Mafra.

Of his best-known works are, the one he created for the Saramago Foundation in Lisbon stand out, and which today appears on the website of the urban art gallery of Lisbon, in the best graffiti in the city disappeared (2016), the work he performed at Quinta do Mocho, the intervention of the Chamber of Loures where he made a caricature of Angela Merkel fitting the refugees, the work he carried out in Setubal as part of the "heads and tails" festival, the work in Algés untitled "Me" for the CPCJ of Oeiras, In Estoril the work "Dream Big", in Cascais the mural dedicated to the AfricanJUN community and more recently the immense works he has left behind by Mafra's council.

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